2024-2025 ENROLLING a few spots in various grades remain

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Class sizes are small and divided by academic level for certain subjects.  Approximately 8-12 children in 3rd-6th, 8-12 for 7th-8th and 8-12 for 9th-10th.  Children may be rotated between classrooms and tutors.  Our classrooms are taught using a "flipped classroom model" with one day a week of on-site instruction with the remaining days as at home parent led instructional support.  Middle and High School students will have weekly assigned and graded homework and are expected to be invested in their studies.   Upper Elementary (5th and 6th grade) will have a weekly writing assignment and optional "extra credit" assignments.  Early elementary students will have theme-based learning that we encourage to extend into at home instruction days but will not have assignments.  Our upper grade tutors may use Google Classroom for communicating and assigning work.  Temporary organizational accounts for students and parents will be provided to students if utilized.  Parents will have one required training for at home student support.

Curriculum:  (see schedule for breakdown)


Grades: 5th-6th

(1-3rd year writers ready for the responsibility of a weekly assignment)

  • Required Text: IEW -Student Book Modern World History
  • Recommended:  IEW Teacher’s Manual
  • Weekly writing homework requirement (written or typed)

Grades: 7th-8th

  • Required Text: IEW -Student Book Lost Tools of Writing
  • Recommended: IEW Teacher’s Manual
  • Weekly writing homework requirement (written or typed)

Grades: 9th-10th

  • Required text: Lost tools of Writing  1 high school credit equivalent
  • Weekly writing and literature homework requirement (written or typed)

Fast Facts/Latin:

Grades: 3rd-4th

  • Required Text: none
  • Hands on activity: various in class activities focused on learning themes and central facts

History/Art History:

Grades: 3rd-6th incorporating geography

  • Required: Student Pages-Story of the World FOUR- The Modern Age 
  • Required: Test booklet- grades 4th-7th only (accompanying text is optional for 1st-4th)
  • Recommended Text: SOTW Vol 1 story book grades 4th-6th only
  • Hands on, art history, geography activity, "extra credit" take home challenges are optional
    • NOTE:  This classical history program is intended for early elementary grades and was chosen for that reason, however it also works well for older grades because it also has extra reading, tests, essay and discussion questions.   This curriculum is criticized by some for seeming secular in that it is not necessarily God centered, in few incidences it may also seem too graphic for certain ages.  The tutor will support the biblical world timeline and adjust topics according to age of the class.  Keep in mind that in the classical Christian model, children are taught how to defend their faith and beliefs.  All religions are confronted as they naturally present themselves in the Biblical timeline of history.

Grades: 7th-8th

  • Story of the World Book FOUR: The Modern Age
  • Required: TBD


Grades: 3rd-6th

First Semester 

  • Recommended Text:  Apologia Botany , utilizing web based public domain materials
  • Hands on activity: lap books, experiments, and projects, not homework requirement, "extra credit" take home challenges are optional

Second Semester: Apologia Earth Science (TBD)

Grades: 7th-8th

  • Apologia General science w/lab
  • Required Text: Self-Paced course or Super set
  • Activity: labs in class, homework required

Grades: 9th-10th

  • (9th-10th will spend a full Year on Apologia Chemistry w/lab TBD) 1 high school credit equivalent
  • Required Text: Self-Paced course or Super set
  • Activity: Labs in class, homework required


Grades: 3rd-6th

  • Required Text: (TBD) Classics
  • Activity: Read aloud, concepts, grammar, activity, and discussion

Grades: 9th-10th  (This class is an extension of Lost Tools literature and will explore the Fallacy Detective)

  • text: Fallacy Detective and Literature from the Lost Tools book list

Personal Finance (budget, fundraising, entrepreneurship, etc.):

Grades: 7th-10th

  • Optional text: What Ever Happened to Penny Candy?
  • Activity: various