Carpe Scholé's has been operating with a scholé philosophy since 2017.  We are committed to providing our children a safe and engaging environment to explore a restful, classical Christian education through discovery, discussion, and contemplation.  As a Scholé community, we support the at-home, classical Christian education with flexibility in curriculum while offering a classical learning community. Carpe Scholé is appealing to those who enjoy the freedom of following a variety of classical curriculum including the Charlotte Mason methods while benefiting from Christian student fellowship in a group setting. This co-op has an intentional annual learning pattern that cycles subject matter to provide continual growth for returning students at all provided academic levels.  Great effort is made to appeal to the wonder and curiosity of students by engaging them in discussion and providing a fun, individualized, hands-on learning experience. Please see the curriculum and schedule.


For the 2024-2025 academic year, Carpe Scholé’s main program will meet 30 times consisting of 15 academic weeks each semester. Class days occur on Tuesdays at the Gull Point Community Center. (This organization is not sponsored or endorsed by Gull Point or the City of Pensacola.) When not volunteering, you are welcome to run errands or remain on the community center property as a patron of the playground, waiting area, gym, or weight room.  For classroom management purposes we recommend that only enrolled students, tutors, and parent volunteers be in the classroom.  Parents are welcome to step in and out but are asked not to bring in small children or side-bar conversation.

Carpe Scholé is 501c3 organization that relies on dedicated parent volunteers to provide great academics and keep  the community program affordable.  We are a faith-based Christian homeschooling community with tutors from varied denominations of the Protestant faith.  Volunteer tutors are provided necessary supplies, books, and training so that they have all the tools needed to enrich the community.  While we believe in upholding and respecting the denominational, political, and parenting differences of the family unit, we agree to a common statement of faith and behavior standard while attending co-op events.